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Jeanette is a practising Criminal Barrister. Her career has seen her practise predominately in Criminal Law prosecuting and defending serious crimes, some with extensive media coverage. 


Jeanette provides consultancy on  TV shows both in scripted and unscripted working closely with writers, producers, script editors and development to ensure that their work is as authentic as possible whilst striking the balance with 'artistic licence'.

Within Jeanette's practise as a Criminal Barrister she has often been called on in local and national press recently appearing as a contributor   'Expert' on Sky's 'Meet, Marry, Murder' on the Crime & Investigation Channel/Netflix discussing a double murder she was instructed.


Before attending Law School Jeanette in her spare time often worked as a Support Artist in TV gaining valuable experience on set which has assisted her ability to advise productions.


Jeanette loves TV and feels it is very important especially in modern days of social media that those involved in producing TV take seriously their responsibility to ensure that it is current, plausible and authentic for the audience. 

You can catch Jeanette discussing this on the Sky News Daily Podcast here 'How do TV Crime Dramas get it right' where she discussed her role in the Happy Valley Tommy Lee Royce escape court scene.

Jeanette is available as consultant in all areas of your project from initial writing and development to script notes and advising on set. You can catch her IMDb profile here.


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